Errors from the Hydra Web APIs

The Hydra Web APIs errors are returned in the response body, together with a well defined HTTP status code.


400 Bad Request

Response body (application/json):
  "Status": 400,
  "Code": 4000001,
  "Reason": "FileIsMissingOrEmpty",
  "Message": "The file is missing or is empty.",
  "ValidationErrors": "A list with errors in file",
  "MoreInfoLink": ""

Errors in the system

The list below are all the errors returned by Hydra Web APIs:

HTTP StatusError codeMessage
400 BadRequest Error 4000001 - FileIsMissingOrEmpty

The file is missing or is empty.

400 BadRequest Error 4000002 - ParameterRequirementsNotMet

Can't find a contract corresponding to the parameters in the URI.

400 BadRequest Error 4000003 - ValidationError

Validationerror, a list with errors in file is returned in response body.

400 BadRequest Error 4000004 - ContractIsMissing

Could not find contractversion corresponding to the folder.

401 Unauthorized Error 4010001 - AuthorizationFailed

Loginid for certificate is not authorized.

500 InternalServerError Error 5000001 - ExecutionFailed

Execution failed, internal error.